Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) radically transforms contemporary industry, but unlocking its significant value is challenging and cumbersome. The emergence of the new technology is creating new skills gaps, shortages and mismatches, especially for micro companies and SMEs, which are in inferior position compared to large enterprises in manufacturing sector to attract and retain the scarce digital talents.

During the project, the partnership expects to achieve principally the following results:

  • Strengthen the cooperation among VET providing partners in the IIoTNet through joint strategic planning for international cooperation and development projects for mutual leaning and capacity building.
  • Design and development of specialized social media network for management and operation of IIoTNet. It is planned to use network platform for fostering cooperation, not only among partners but involving VET providers that do not yet contribute or benefit from European cooperation.

  • System for organizational analysis of VET providers and action planning will be used to identify inefficiencies and streamlining of provided services, including level of participation in international cooperation.
  • Evaluation of IIoT trainees’ progress against IIoT Body of Knowledge. The definition of units of learning outcomes and their descriptions will be carried out in compliance with ECVET principles and technical specifications and the tools developed by EU ECVET network.
  • Development of IIoT Certification scheme.
  • The EU developed model of Logical Framework will be used for designing IIoTNet objectives and activities considering existing risks.
  • To develop and disseminate Guidelines for mobility, lifelong learning and EU funding in the field of IIoT, that will present best practices and lessons learned in implementation of IIoTNet.
  • 1-day trainings will be organised in each partner country of VET providers’ representatives that still not contribute or benefit from the European cooperation on effective use of IIoTNet and thus to improve their networking capacity and their access to EU funds.